Hi! I'm Sigrid, a PhD student in Data Science at the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh.

My research interests are Bayesian optimisation and constructing priors, as well as machine learning applications related to climate and the environment. In my PhD I have looked at air pollution monitoring: read more about my project here. My supervisors are Nigel Goddard and Christopher Lucas.

Tiffany Vlaar and I organised the Early-Career Researchers in Climate and ML Social at NeurIPS 2022.

I've recently completed an internship with AWS in Berlin, working on hyperparameter optimisation of ML models. I also contributed to GluonTS and Syne Tune.

I'm very grateful to have won a grant from G-Research towards conference attendance.

If you're looking for code, see this page.

I intermittently photograph air pollution sensors. You can see the images here.

Feel free to get in touch: